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4 ways to solve logistics challenges in distribution 4 ways to solve logistics challenges in distribution 4 ways to solve logistics challenges in distribution
Overcome these issues and take your business to the next level.
Your never-ending mandate to manage growth expectations, improve decision-making and inventory management, reduce overhead costs, and provide stellar customer support doesn’t have to be as daunting as it sounds-even in an increasingly competitive distribution market.
The key to solving these logistics challenges is a relatively simple idea: Incorporate a modern business management solution that lets you see, understand, analyze, and act on your critical customer and inventory information.
With the right information available at the right time in a centralized, secure web-based repository that all key stakeholders can access-and without the complexity of last-century systems-you can make smarter decisions faster while gaining the flexibility and adaptability you need to manage every facet of your distribution business.
Real-time visibility
Make smarter decisions faster
It’s hardly a revelation that a lack of timely information limits the ability to accurately predict and meet demand. Without visibility into you operations-including purchasing, inventory management, supply chain, accounting, and sales-it’s difficult to control costs and manage customer expectations.
Real-time visibility with automated alerts into the status of all processes-from quote to cash-enables you to make smarter decisions faster, such as taking advantage of beneficial pricing or matching supply and demand in real-time. It also promotes process standards throughout your organization in support of continuous improvement.
The right business management solution provides the type of visibility that enables analysis across the business-including order, general ledger, purchasing, and supply-chain management. You can also put your business in better position to meet government reporting requirements, while online self-service capabilities give your customers a secure view into order status, pricing, and product availability at any time.
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“The information available in Sage 100 helps us make accurate forecasts, which saves us money and ensures we have the right product mix on hand.”
Steve McNamee, General Manager OptoSigma
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Connected systems
Streamline and standardize processes
The most successful distribution businesses focus on streamlining and standardizing processes across the company. An integrated system lets you view all of your business processes and transactions in real time. It also gives you a tool to manage your operations more flexibly, along with a complete, auditable record.
In essence, a modern business management solution serves as a “one-stop shop” for process improvement-a hub that organizes and optimizes vital resources such as purchasing, warehousing, customer relationship management (CRM), accounting, and sales-as well as with external systems such as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). For example, you’ll be in a better position to maintain schedules when you can ship orders from other locations when stock at a certain distribution center is low.
The result is a connected, linked organization that enables increased collaboration among suppliers, resellers, and customers-while promoting the ability to easily and seamlessly introduce additional locations and warehouses.
“We’ve realized a tremendous return on our investment. Sage 100 has transformed the way we operate.”
Milton Bulloch, Chief Financial Officer AM Appliance Group
“Sage 100 has been a terrific time saver for us. We’re easily saving 90 percent of the time previously spent on data entry.”
Dina Moyers, Controller Kasco
Mobile access
Improve responsiveness and drive efficiency
It’s a given that every distribution company needs mobile capabilities simply to conduct business today. However, not all business systems deliver enhanced, integrated mobile capabilities that promote greater operational efficiencies.
Mobile access provides the convenience of having real-time information and data across the extended business, acting as a single source in providing visibility, collaboration, and efficiency. Modern business management solutions offer access on any device that supports a browser including their desktop, laptop, or tablet regardless of the operating system. Mobile access is secure through your company intranet/virtual private network (VPN).
For example:
  • Delivery drivers will have instant access to customer information ensuring that they deliver orders correctly.
  • Warehouse workers can record inventory or pick orders without having to go back to a workstation.
  • Business representatives will be able to close more sales, provide better service - and get paid faster, too.
  • Other employees can be empowered to make agile decisions and also complete their jobs more quickly, helping to reduce costs.
Performance measurement
Enable continuous improvement
Successful distributors monitor and measure the performance of their organization. The ability to measure sales, orders, inventory levels, and key performance indicators (KPIs) allows distributors to measure the accuracy of demand planning and forecasting―and they can use these insights for future demand planning.
Executive and key stakeholders can also monitors KPIs for customer satisfaction, sales, cost delivery, quality, and supply chain costs―and then receive automatic notifications when opportunities are available or exceptions occur.
Modern business management solutions provide the essential data and tailored user interfaces distributors need to understand where the organization can improve. They provide the tools―including user-defined dashboards―that distributors need to analyze, fine-tune, and continuously improve their processes.
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“Since migrating to Sage, Xtrac, Inc., has doubled its customer base and total volume of business. We’ve only had to add one person in the office to handle all the extra work.”
Lisa Lamott, Controller Xtrac, Inc.
The right choice
Sage 100 for distribution
Whether you’re scaling up as you grow or you’re trying to keep pace with large retailers, your key to success in the distribution industry is to ensure the highest levels of customer satifaction. This requires increased visibility into your operations, connected and accelerated business process, mobile access, and the ability to continually improve by measuring performance. Sage 100 enables distributors to adapt to these new business realities every step of the way.

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